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Transtherm Adiabatic Coolers

Be kinder to the environment with the TA range of adiabatic coolers


Water consumption typically less than 4% of wetted surface hybrid cooling towers and less than 1% of traditional cooling towers


Designed in conjunction with advice from the Biological Agents Unit at the British Health and Safety Executive

Low legionella_risk_Transtherm

Low Legionella risk with no need for ongoing chemical treatment or registration with local authorities needed

Data Centre
Data Centre Solutions

DCS 'Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year 2019' Winner


Transtherm manufacture packaged cooler and pump sets to cool immersion cooling, on-chip liquid cooling, rear door cooling systems, CRAC units and water-cooled chillers


Schneider PLC based control systems are used to give seamless operating and fault data


Annualised energy and water consumption data is provided to allow accurate PUE and WUE analysis

Power Generation
Power Generation Solutions

Supplying tried and tested coolers to the Power Generation Market since 1989


Specific designs cater for individual needs of STOR/Capacity, Landfill, Cogeneration, Trigeneration, AD and WIMES requirements


Noise data you can reply on, calculated to BS EN 13487 from over 50,000 pieces of data recorded by independent acousticians at certified anechoic chambers


AHRI certified heat exchange coils giving no drop in performance, even in the height of summer, meaning no engine de-rate

Air compressor
Air Compressor Solutions

Dry coolers or adiabatic coolers can be packaged with our pump sets to give the ultimate in convenience and ease of installation


Packaged cooler and pump set mounted on a common base; complete with interconnecting pipe work, strainers, isolation valves, binder points and gauges etc.


Requires only a single 3ph connection and a single lift into position

2 Year warranty_HVAC_Cooling_Transtherm

2-year warranty including parts and labour in UK mainland, parts only elsewhere – extendable to 5 years

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Adiabatic Coolers

Transtherm’s adiabatic coolers are a low maintenance, modern alternative to traditional cooling towers and offer lower Legionella risk and OPEX

Air Blast Coolers | Dry Coolers

Developed with energy efficiency and reliability in mind, our wide range of air blast coolers use the latest heat exchange coil, fan and control technologies

Genset Cooling Solutions

High water temperatures, low noise requirements and footprint considerations – Transtherm’s air blast coolers are designed to take all of these common factors into account

Packaged Cooler & Pump Sets

Combining both technologies from Transtherm, the Packaged Cooler & Pump Set Solution requires minimal system design, installation and commissioning time

Packaged Free Cooling Systems

Transtherm’s packaged free cooling system significantly improves the efficiency of the majority of chilled water systems and saves substantial amounts of energy

Packaged Pump Sets

Available for commercial and industrial applications, Transtherm’s standardised pump packages are a straightforward and cost effective ‘fit and forget’ solution

Data Centre Cooling Solutions

Whether rejecting heat from CRAC, direct liquid chip, immersion cooling and water-cooled chiller systems or offloading chilled water systems in the cooler months

Adiabatic Retrofit System

Adiabatic Retrofit bridges the gap between original air temperature design figures and on-site peak air temperatures, avoiding the possibility of overheating of your system

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