How Adiabatic Cooling works?


In the hottest days of the year (approximately 3% of the year), the system will spray a water mist evenly across the total air stream to cool the process water to temperatures lower than the design ambient dry bulb.
Since the system includes UV sterilisation as standard and does not collect or re-cycle the evaporative water, it does not require costly ongoing chemical treatment or registration with local authorities.

Key facts about Transtherm Adiabatic Cooler:

  • Designed for use in high ambient/low water temperature applications.
  • Minimal water consumption – Less than 2% of Hybrid Cooling Tower and less than 0.5% of traditional Cooling Tower water usage.
  • Spray booster pump to give up to 6 bar G of water pressure at the nozzles, giving a fine mist.
  • Extremely energy efficient – Variable speed EC and AC fan technology – typically only 25% of traditional fan energy usage.
  • Transtherm supply a UV system as standard, the system is extremely effective at killing Legionella bacteria (99.99+%).
  • Transtherm Have liaised with leading Legionella experts from both the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and private risk assessors to ensure that designs take into consideration all parts of HSE and ASHRAE guides relevant to the control of Legionella Bacteria in water systems.
  • 2 Year Warranty – Including parts and labour in UK mainland, parts only elsewhere – Extendable to 5 years.