Transtherm relies on its market-leading quality and speed of response when forging long and rewarding relationships with trade and OEM customers.

We work closely with customers to provide the right product at the right price for their marketplace, without compromising quality or performance.

We also provide training, technical support, digital and printed publications covering technical, commercial and economic aspects of our products.

We were one of the first manufacturers to recognise the advantages of adiabatic cooling and have pioneered substantial cost savings by designing sophisticated, automatic control systems.

We continue to research and innovate developing new electro-mechanical controls and computerised control systems with particular benefits in areas such as free cooling.

All coolers and condensers have an environmental impact and we are working hard towards improving energy consumption, reducing noise pollution and the eradication of hazardous manufacturing materials.

We recognise that it is crucial for our customers to rely on our expertise, service, reliability and guarantee of quality for them to remain competitive and provide a viable service to end users.