Can manufacturers’ figures be trusted?

Transtherm’s reputation for high quality and reliability is built on the company’s robust research and development and the use of best-fit components.

To ensure that components will perform to our rigorous standards, we seek independent testing and verification of data for major components included in their systems and equipment.

As part of this testing and verification, independent noise tests are carried on AC and EC fans.

Why is the independent verification of air blast cooler and air cooled condenser noise data so important to our customers?

We believe it is imperative to allow customers complete confidence in our products by providing the most accurate, independent noise data for our range of air blast water coolers, adiabatic coolers and air cooled condensers. This is why we utilise the expertise of consultants at acoustic testing facilities such as The Institute of Sound and Vibration Research Centre.

Whereas some companies only choose to use fan manufacturer’s raw noise data, (which often give misleading and inaccurate results), we choose to submit products for verification of noise data to independent professionals, in accordance with BS EN:13487, (sound measurement for forced convection air cooled refrigerant condensers and dry coolers). This provides the most accurate and auditable results.

Our Approach:

  • Test ‘as built’ coolers at professionally recognised, independent facilities in accordance with relevant industry standards
  • Test fully built coolers to make allowance for increased noise from fan guards, coil block added noise and a single reflective plane (siting the equipment on the floor).

Our results:

  • The most accurate results, obtained from an independent source, give peace of mind to customers.

A different approach used by some competitors:

  • Use fan manufacturer catalogue data only
  • No allowance made for fan guard (which can give approximately 1dB discrepancy)
  • No allowance made for reverberated noise from coil block (gives approximately 2dB discrepancy)
  • No allowance made for single reflective plane (siting the cooler on the floor which gives approximately 3dB discrepancy)
  • Total potential discrepancy in noise levels for coolers/condensers that have not been tested correctly: approximately 6dB

Their results:

  • As the addition of 3dB is equivalent to doubling noise, an increase of 6dB is equivalent to quadrupling the noise level of an air blast cooler or air cooled condenser.
  • This obviously gives a huge operational difference from what may have been quoted on the original specification and can cause users severe embarrassment or even penalties should the noise level exceed environmental standards.

The verdict:

  • It is extremely important that customers are offered data they can rely on for supply or specification. The use of Transtherm Cooling Industries Air Blast Coolers, Adiabatic Coolers and Air Cooled Condensers data and products can be used with confidence.
  • As data is independently verified, you can be sure Transtherm’s figures can be trusted.