Continuing and strengthening our relationships with our EU customers

V-Cooler Flat-Bed on truck

Following the announcement of the post Brexit trade agreement with the EU we are pleased to confirm that all Transtherm supplier relationships are as strong as ever and we have experienced a frictionless transition.

Transtherm regularly use parts from Italy, Germany and other areas of the EU in the production of our products and are lucky to work with great haulage companies, for both import and export of goods, who take care of the relevant documentation.

From a customer point of view, importing goods into the EU is still very straightforward (E.g. in the case of Ireland, there is only the requirement to submit an online electronic declaration to the Irish Customs).

Of the fees that are known so far, Transtherm will be absorbing them as a gesture of good will to our valued customer base.

We look forward to continuing and strengthening our relationships with our EU customers.

Tim Bound
Group Sales and Marketing Director