Continuing Transtherm’s educational journey


Recently we had the opportunity to give something back to engineering students from the University of Nottingham.

A leading building consultant approached us to design equipment to dissipate heat from a boiler circuit – all with the goal of allowing students to learn about a heating and cooling system in action.

Once designed and specified, we were asked by more than 10 building contractors to bid for the job, and then worked with the successful company to add a number of unique optional extras in as well. The idea was to make the installation and maintenance of the system as straightforward as possible and to show what an all-singing, all-dancing Transtherm machine is capable of!

We added:

  • Variable speed fans to give control over precise temperature and energy efficient operations (giving a great ROI for the end user)
  • Individual fan isolator switches for safe electrical isolation in the event of fans requiring maintenance
  • An over-cooling prevention system with an automatically actuated 3 way valve and bypass pipe work. This was essential for introducing increased flexibility – for diverting system water away from the cooler to avoid over-cooling should extremely cold ambient air temperatures occur
  • Anti-vibration mounts, flexible connections and a header tank to accommodate any expansion and contraction of the system water and inevitable stress on the heat exchange coil. (Boiler systems can often have large temperature swings that put stress on normal rigid pipe work connections)
  • Coil inspection panels to allow maintenance of the inner parts of the heat exchange coil without the need to remove fans which can soak up valuable maintenance time
  • A leg mesh to stop larger matter being sucked through the fans and getting stuck to the bottom of the heat exchange coil – reducing maintenance and giving optimum efficiency

It was totally bespoke, but that’s the beauty of our designs – completely tailored to each building.