Cooling for Air Compressors



Air compressors are used for an astonishing number processes – from PET compressors for bottle blowing to commercial compressors that power pneumatic hand tools.

For the larger water-cooled compressor systems, Transtherm supplies air blast coolers, adiabatic coolers and pump sets, complete with integrated control systems, to provide a plug and play solution.

Many modern compressors can slow the cooling water flow rate through them in order to raise the water temperature to as high as 90°C. Where this is possible we also manufacture a range of heat recovery units (HRUs) to transfer this heat, via a plate heat exchanger, typically to boiler and hot water systems. Transtherm HRUs comprise a water pump, heat recovery heat exchanger and bypass pipe work with three-way valve to bypass the heat straight to an air blast cooler if the heat cannot be used.

Transtherm can supply coolers suited to all environments, including high altitude, saline / coastal atmospheres and noise sensitive locations.