Cooling for Diesel Fired Gensets


6x Genset Coolers with Header Tanks

Utilising a gas genset in an application such as CHP (Combined Heat and Power) can be an effective way to reduce carbon emissions. Heat and power is produced from whatever gas source is available, such as waste gases reclaimed from landfill and sewage sites, biogas or natural gas.

These systems are often favoured by smaller scale projects at hospitals and leisure centres, and on larger scale district heating schemes. Electricity and heat produced by the genset is referred to as Cogeneration. The heat produced by the engine can also be used to fire an absorption chiller which produces chilled water. Where this is the case it is referred to as Trigeneration. Where conditions are suitable it is possible to sell unused energy back to the grid.

Gas fired gensets also play an important role in supplying reliable power in parts of the world where the electrical grid is not reliable but where gas supplies are. Manufacturing facilities often adopt this technology to allow more manufacturing uptime in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Transtherm have supplied thousands of coolers on gas gensets, absorption chillers and other cooling applications and know that air blast cooler and pump set designs need to have low parasitic loads so as to not eat into the power produced. Coolers can be adapted to fit on the top of the genset containers and, in order to allow for safe servicing of the equipment, walkway mesh and safety handrails can be added if required. Correct materials and paint specifications should be considered if going on a landfill site or sewage treatment works and when being supplied to water authorities the correct build specification should be applied.

Coolers for STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve) projects are catered for with basic but reliable, quality specifications in order to boost the margins on which our customers often need to successfully obtain such work.