Cooling solutions for data centres

Cooling equipment is one of the largest considerations when designing and building data centres.

Whether rejecting heat from CRAC, direct liquid chip, immersion cooling and water-cooled chiller systems or offloading chilled water systems in the cooler months, primary concerns when specifying evaporative coolers and free coolers include:

  • Energy and water consumption
  • Resilience
  • Integration with site BMS and IoT
  • Compliance with relevant standards
  • Ease of installation and operation
  • Ongoing OPEX and maintenance considerations
Transtherm’s adiabatic system provides “very effective management of Legionella risk”
The British Health and Safety Executive

Top Features


Improved PUE

Latest EC fans use only the minimum amount of power needed. Extended heat exchange surface area means that they can be reduced in speed further


Improved WUE

Evaporative cooling operation for typically 3% of the year vs. between 50-100% with other technologies


Greater Resilience

Use a larger number of smaller direct drive fans, rather than fewer belt-driven fans found in cooling towers and many hybrid coolers


Massively Reduced Maintenance

No continuous chemical treatment, No need to outsource maintenance, Reduced serviceable items, No registration with local authorities



Market and project research has shown that Transtherm adiabatic coolers are half the cost of wetted surface hybrid coolers


Minimal OPEX

With massively reduced water consumption, reduced energy consumption and minimal maintenance

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