Cooling the UK’s critical industries


You wouldn’t think it, but our air blast coolers play an integral role in getting all kinds of staples to your table, your car on the road, and ensuring online transactions for everything from a new pair of shoes to your summer holiday run smoothly.

It’s a big claim, but true.

You’d be right in thinking that cooling machines sit in warehouses, on the roof, out the back, and in secret operational rooms, but out of sight by no way means out of mind. Their function is absolutely essential. They may be right at the start of a long chain of inter-reliant exchanges but they play a big part in giving you a smooth and enjoyable experience of life!

Most people might be aware of data centres and their critical need to run all the time, and to have back up N+1 equipment to jump into action if the primary one should fail – but this kind of due diligence is not only for the techy few.

It’s now becoming part of other industries which need to run 24/7 too. Like automotive production lines, or food and beverage factories that need to make deadlines – such as getting bread to supermarkets in the morning to ensure we can butter up our toast!

What we’re doing

We’ll be working with a big air compressor manufacturer to provide air blast coolers and pump sets for a project in Ireland.

The industrial company supplies services for the consumer food sector by installing food safe oil-free rotary compressors at very high rpms to create impressive amounts of air pressure – to do things like blast clean baking trays.

Ordinarily, these rotations would be lubricated, but because extremely hard materials have been used, they don’t need lubrication and they don’t wear down. However, the fast speeds and high heat generated do need a lot of cooling down – which is where we come in.

We’ll be supplying an air blast cooler to cool the site’s compressor, and in this particular case, any energy generated from the process won’t be just sent back to be dissipated by the air blast coolers but directed to an energy recovery unit to power the onsite heating needs.