Easy installation for big manufacturing


‘Easy as 1,2,3’ isn’t normally a phrase you’d associate with large scale cooling systems but increasingly it’s becoming the norm as manufacturers aim to make everything about the set-up of new equipment as easy as possible.

It’s all about a ‘fit and forget’ solution; providing intelligent installation packages so the contractor has one single point of responsibility, rather than fitting multiple components from different suppliers together and spending valuable time on the job.

It’s supplying everything to get the new product functioning as soon as possible after arrival – and this is exactly what we do.

At Transtherm, all our equipment is already put together and mounted on a common base before it even leaves the factory. So when you receive the product, it only requires a single lift to get it into place. It’s very straightforward. No interconnecting pipe work is needed, and all of the controls are wired and integrated so it only uses a single power supply. Just turn it on and you’re ready to cool.

We also integrate PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) interfaces into our packaged coolers and pump set equipment which means a straightforward and cost effective ‘plug and play’ result.

Easy installation and easy functioning. Let us know what systems you need simplifying!