Electrolyser Cooling & Heat Recovery Systems

Transtherm’s experience in cooling and heat recovery for electrolyser systems, coupled with a unique ability to manufacture both coolers and pump sets, removes a significant amount of time and risk from your bid/specification process.

Our solutions:

  • System efficiency and performance
  • Installation/commissioning/deployment time
  • Noise and equipment footprint restrictions
  • Cooling system control integration
  • Heat recovery
  • Reducing shipping costs

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Cooling solutions for containerised to multiple MW systems

Packaged Cooler & Pump Set
Packaged Cooler & Pump Set
Multiple MW system
Multiple MW system
Air Blast Cooler
Air Blast Cooler

Top Features


Improve Your Net Power Output

Save up to 75% parasitic loads with ErP compliant variable speed EC fans 


Independently Certified Noise Data

Transtherm have worked with expert acousticians to offer clear and concise data


Packaged Pump Sets Available

Minimise design, installation &
commissioning time 


Variety Of Materials Available

Multiple construction materials available to mitigate fluid or atmospheric corrosion


Packaged Heat Recovery

Re-use electrolyser waste heat to improve your system efficiency 


IOT (Internet Of Things)

Compatible for communication around the world with standard WiFi or optional 3G controls

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Electrolyser Cooling solutions for containerised to multiple MW systems

EC Fan Technology for Noise & Energy Saving

As EC fans are variable speed, there are large reductions in noise emissions with even a modest reduction in speed; and no issues with fan starting noise as they have a soft start.

Using the integrated speed control electronics, EC fans can modulate their speed down to as low as 4%, allowing extremely fine control to the required fluid temperature set point.

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