Free Coolers | Free Cooling System

Transtherm Free Coolers are designed to reduce energy consumption and improve the carbon footprint of chilled water systems. When ambient air temperatures are low enough, through the majority of the autumn, winter and spring, the free cooler automatically dissipates the system heat allowing the more energy consuming chiller to switch off. 

  • Complete with integral controls, 3 way valve and actuator and bypass pipe work
  • Can be easily installed on existing systems as well as new builds
Transtherm’s adiabatic system provides “very effective management of Legionella risk”
The British Health and Safety Executive

Top Features


Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduce by as much as 80%


Short Payback Period

Full payback in as little as 6 months


Reduce Chiller Maintenance Costs

By offloading the chiller, it also extends the chiller lifespan


Maximise Benefits

Enhanced Capital Allowance Schemes


Fully Packaged

Only requires single 3ph connection


Bespoke Designs

Available to cater for unique requirements

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