2x Bespoke Pump Sets

Adiabatic Cooler for Data Centre

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Vertical Double Bank Cooler

Bespoke Pump Set

Packaged Free Cooling System

3x Adiabatic Half V Coolers

6x Genset Coolers with Header Tanks

Adiabatic Cooler with Bespoke Raised Support

Future Proof Pump Set

Ladder and handrail add-ons

Copper fins & 316 stainless steel casing

Coil protection mesh & Wi-Fi control

Painted cooler with isolation valves

Capacity/STOR spec cooler

Coil access panels & leg mesh

Genset Cooler for R&D campus

V-shaped Packaged Cooler

Bespoke Run & Standby Pump Set

Adiabatic Cooler with overcooling prevention

10x Extra Long Legs Genset Coolers

Dual Water Circuit Adiabatic Cooler

4x Genset Coolers

Bespoke Air Blast Cooler with guards

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Adiabatic Cooler for Data Centre

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Data Centre Management – Bucking The Trend

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3x Double Bank Genset Coolers

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8 Fan Double Bank Genset Cooler

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Low Noise Adiabatic Cooler With Attenuators

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22 Fan V-Shaped Air Blast Cooler