International delivery


Most people pop around the corner for a purchase, but sometimes customers come from a little further afield.

Like Colombia! One of our OEM customers recently sent two air blast coolers to the South American country (products en route to packaging company, as shown in the photo).

Not only did we design and build the coolers to serve a compressed air system located at high altitude, but we also ensured that the equipment could be shipped to Columbia in the most cost effective way too.

The units were dispatched with their support legs, shipped loose, so that they could be fitted into just one shipping container.

We were able to support our OEM and take the design consideration out of their hands – creating bespoke fan selection, factoring in the air density, and allowing for the thinner air at high altitude – which allowed them to focus on their compressed air system offering.

Our equipment is shipped internationally to many different places: Africa, Asia, America and Canada to name a few places.

In Africa, our coolers are being used to cool CHP (combined heat and power) engines that use gas as their fuel and, much like a car engine, produce heat and power.  They are great for places where the gas supply is very stable but the mains electrical system is very unreliable and may only offer electricity for 40% of the day.  It’s environmentally friendly and gives a reliable source of electricity and heat to local businesses giving them an edge over their competition.

We have exported a large Air to Air heat exchange module to South Africa.  This equipment is very specialised and is what Transtherm was first established to produce some 30 years ago.  It’s designed to take waste heat off an industrial process, pass it through the ‘dirty’ side of the heat exchanger whilst passing another air stream through the ‘clean’ side.  The clean air picks up the heat from the process air and can be used for space heating and drying of product such as wood chip stores.

Happy customers all round!