Making our equipment increasingly relevant, all the time


The vast majority of products we make are completely bespoke. Clients talk about the issues they want to overcome and then we come up with the answers, and we pride ourselves on designing coolers that ensure particular customer processes work a lot slicker than before.

But it’s not just good news for one customer only. Sometimes one business may flag up a problem that requires a specific modification which we then think could be a great for others in the industry too – and so bespoke often becomes a standard offering.

We have our ear to the ground

Feedback from customers is essential, and finding out exactly what people want their coolers to achieve means that we are always innovating and adapting our products to fit the needs of facilities managers and the people working with the equipment each day.

It means that we’re modifying our coolers, avoiding snagging issues and making our equipment more relevant all the time.

An example?

During the flushing of new and, particularly existing cooling systems, debris and contaminants can clog vital equipment such as air blast coolers and adiabatic coolers.  At best, this clogging can reduce cooling efficiency and increase operating costs, and, at worst, it can cause the process to trip out due to over-heating.  In order to protect our coolers during this commissioning stage we developed a simple, low cost commissioning by-pass system so that the cooler can be isolated from the rest of the system until the cooling water is running clear.

This was a functionality to make installation easier and cleanse the system – born out of a conversation with a customer and then turned into a reality which others are now benefitting from too.


We want to ensure all our products are installed, commissioned and handed over to run as smoothly as possible right from the start. Consultants want to keep costs down and be assured of good design and quality, and we know our products are fit-for-purpose straight away – and most importantly, developed from insight.