Maximising energy on a large scale


In our busy lifestyles, ‘multitasking’ is pretty common…you do the cooking whilst browsing the web, you go on a run whilst listening to your favourite podcast, and you might have a bath and catch up on your work emails. Multitasking however is not just something we do – the HVAC world now has some pretty nifty solutions that save commercial organisations money, reuse their waste energy, and improve efficiency all at the same time.

At Transtherm, we’ve been working more and more on these tri-generation projects where combined heat and power sets (CHPs) produce electricity, heating and cooling.

How we get involved

Our coolers keep the CHPs cool and our pump sets transfer the water around the system so hot water goes to boilers to heat buildings, and hot water goes to absorption chillers to output cold water for air conditioning.

District Cooling

This solution is being implemented on a big scale in cities as ‘district cooling’, with councils, hospitals, leisure centres and universities all recognising the value of the intelligent equipment.

As it stands, businesses can hook into the National Grid and get electricity. But with district cooling, it allows the electricity’s by-product of heat to be maximised to produce hot or cold water as required. (Re wastage, just think of your motorway journeys and the huge cooling towers that emit heat in to the atmosphere without re-using it).

What we manufacture

We make coolers for the CHPs and absorption chillers as well as pump sets to drive everything around.

With a recent project in the pipeline with a UK university – we’re well versed in complex solutions making equipment multi-task. Get in touch if you want your energy to do the same.