New product: Half V-Cooler


We’re proud to announce our latest Transtherm product launch:   the Half V Air Blast Cooler.

It’s one solid bit of kit! Robust and easily fitted into any building.

The new equipment can be made bespoke – either as a single fan option, or right up to the larger scale of a 13 fan unit. As an indication of size, the photo shows our director Tim Bound next to a 5 fan version.

The benefits are huge for opting for this type of heat exchanger.

  • It can be placed flush against a wall, perfect for limited spaces
  • Thanks to a high heat exchange / airflow ratio it takes up less precious floor space, compared to the likes of standard horizontal flatbed coolers, which need extra room around them for air to circulate
  • It offers cost savings thanks to its energy efficient design. Electrical consumption is lower because less air needs to be drawn over its large heat exchange surface area to give like-for-like heat dissipation
  • It’s made out of heavy duty metal, built for industrial applications, and guarantees reliability

We are really excited about this innovative design. It means that the changing, demanding needs of modern commercial and industrial HVAC projects can be met with more solutions.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.