Providing a solution for the University of Cambridge


We got full marks recently for the design and manufacture of a bespoke air blast cooler system – installed by EnerG at one of the University of Cambridge’s onsite energy centres.

The brief was to sit the equipment on the building’s roof, and for it to run as quietly as possible whilst still efficiently regulating the heat produced at the centre. With student accommodation nearby, deadening the sound of the spinning fans was essential so as not to disturb the young residents.

Putting into practice some high level maths, we combined data gathered from anechoic tests on both the fans, and the silencers (by their manufacturer) and put everything together to ensure that the right noise level was achieved to meet the University’s specifications.

The end result meant that double attenuated fans were needed. We finished with a mesh guard, and painted the fans exactly the same colour as the destination building so they would fit seamlessly into their new environment.

Here’s Tim Bound standing in front of the impressive product (without the guard and second attenuator).

We’d say we gained a First for a successful cooling solution!