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The flexibility to adapt to your market

Transtherm supplies cutting edge cooling systems into a huge number of markets.  These include Automotive, Power Generation, Retail, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Universities, Plastics and many more industrial and commercial applications.

Rather than simply trying to apply a standardised range of equipment to fit every application, experience has taught us to design flexibility and adaptability into our products and systems.

We are able to work with you to deliver a fit-for-purpose cooling solution whatever your market requires. Whether your process system or equipment has extreme temperatures or pressures, needs very fine temperature control, is critical and must have redundancy built in or is located in extreme climates, Transtherm has the knowledge to help.

We act as a major knowledge base for cooling applications to serve the following equipment:

  • Standard water-cooled and absorption chillers – condenser water cooling
  • Gas and diesel fired generating sets – jacket, inter / after cooler, oil and exhaust heat dissipated
  • Data centre applications – Cooling supplied for CRAC units, chillers and free cooling circuits
  • Air compressors – packaged cooler and pump sets for compressor cooling plus heat recovery pump skids (HRUs) to recapture waste heat
  • Induction heating and melting – packaged Box Coolers and Hydrodynamic Coolers
  • Other industrial and commercial process cooling