Taking back control with the Internet of Things


Imagine a time when your alarm clock goes off early because it learns about an unexpected increase in traffic congestion on route. Your radiators are already on because your heating system knew you would be getting out of bed earlier and your fridge has already ordered milk because you’re about to finish the bottle in this morning’s tea. It might sound like something from a science fiction novel, but it’s closer than you might think thanks to ‘The Internet of Things’.

The Internet of Things refers to the development of tiny, low-cost chips that can be incorporated into everyday items in home and industry, enabling them to communicate with each other, utilities companies, service providers and building management systems to improve efficiency, optimise performance and cut costs.

No longer a buzzword that only a handful of energy managers and tech-geeks are familiar with – the Internet of Things is rapidly becoming a key tool in the fight to cut carbon emissions in the commercial sector. And we’re leading the way for the cooling sector.

We have integrated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) interfaces into our latest cooling systems, which enable smart communication between the cooling solution, other equipment and the overall building management system to give greater control of the building environment.

Operators can check read parameters such as energy consumption, adjust write parameters such as water temperature and understand the impact that changes will have not just on the cooling system, but on other related equipment too. It means improved efficiency, whilst allowing customers to check performance and even prevent downtime by spotting problems and undertaking preventative maintenance. It also enables a holistic, ‘whole building’ approach to sustainability – opening the door to lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions. And all this at the touch of a button from a central control point.

The Internet of Things is not a fad. In fact, with high-profile backing from senior politicians and Government advisors, it is only set to grow in popularity. So don’t wait for the others to catch up – join Transtherm on a connectivity revolution and discover the benefits now.