The complete cooling package


What’s the best way to commission a cooling system? Our director Tim Bound talks about Transtherm’s Hydrodynamic Coolers.

Any water-based cooling system requires the means to pump water through it. But in many cases the cooler and the pump are separate pieces of equipment, often sourced from different suppliers, and always taking time, money and a few third parties to assemble and commission on site.

We thought that was a bit of an unnecessary faff. So we came up with a much more efficient and cost effective way of doing things. We simply combined our advanced water cooler and pump technologies into a single package.

For anyone who wants the fastest and most straightforward way to quote for, install or commission a water cooling system, there’s really no easier solution.

That’s because all of the components of our package – the cooler, pump, and controls – are designed (by us) to match each other and work together perfectly. It means there’s a single point of responsibility should you need to get in contact for any reason. And not only that, but all the equipment is already put together and mounted on a common base before it even leaves our factory. So you when you receive it, it only requires a single lift to get it into place.

It really is that straight forward. And also quite unique. No interconnecting pipe work is needed, and all of the controls are wired and integrated so it only uses a single power supply. Just turn it on and you’re ready to cool.