Top 5 maintenance tips for your cooling system


You’d be surprised if we compared a cooling system to a human! But in fact they aren’t too dissimilar – especially when you think that both man and machine need regular exercise, a proper looking after, the right food and good rest to be on top form. With that in mind, here are our top tips for keeping your cooling system in top-performing shape.

  1. Dress for the occasion

We’ve all been caught out with our (un)reliable British weather. Thankfully, even if we fail to get the weatherman’s memo and get drenched or boiled by our choice of outfit, we can make sure that our equipment doesn’t follow suit, and works perfectly despite its location. There’s no grinding to a halt because of rain or snow – our machines are specified correctly right from the initial design stage so they run smoothly whatever the weather.

If equipment is going into a corrosive environment, then we’ll choose hard-wearing construction materials. If it’s going to be shipped to a coastal or desert location, then we’ll use a wider fan spacing so that sand can pass through the heat exchanger without clogging everything up. If the system will be situated in an area with a lot of debris swirling around, then we’ll advise on leg meshes. Pre-emptive planning will make on-going maintenance a lot easier.

  1. Don’t overdo it!

Despite thinking machines are indestructible, they also have a shelf life and if worked too strenuously, they will collapse – just like if we were forced to run a marathon every day – there’s only so much both of us can do!

Just as a personal trainer will give you a tailored routine so as not to push you over your limit, you need to pay attention to manufacturer’s operating and maintenance requirements which will stipulate how hard and how regularly the system can be operated and how often the process can be shut down for heavy maintenance.

  1. Everyone needs a workout, even machines!

Yes even cooling fans need to have the odd gym workout.

If your equipment is only used intermittently then keep it ticking over well by rotating the moving fan and pump motor parts so you don’t get any system failures because of seized up bearings.

  1. It’s not only humans who need a clean

You can’t get them in the shower, so ensure you air blast coolers and pump sets are kept spick and span by monitoring them regularly for debris. A blocked up heat exchanger in a cooler or a clogged up strainer within your pipe work can massively affect efficiency and the life span of fans and pumps. Lift the strain off and let them run like a dream instead!

  1. Eat the right things

We wouldn’t go overboard on the chemicals, and neither would we omit important vitamins in our diet. The same goes for cooling equipment believe it or not!

If your system needs special fluids, like glycol anti-freeze to protect it from frost damage, then check and maintain the required amount.  Frost damaged cooling equipment can be costly to repair or replace.

If you need any advice on how to look after your air blast coolers or pump sets, then don’t hesitate to ask us. We will be happy to help you bring them back to full health.