Why you should check glycol anti-freeze systems


Now is as good a time as any to check and maintain your system glycol anti-freeze levels.  Please do not wait until it’s too late and frost damage has occurred.

Recent records show that even in the Midlands, temperatures can fall below 0°C as early as October leaving a relatively short amount of time to carry out this important pre-emptive maintenance.

Whilst heat from running pumps and residual amounts glycol may have been sufficient so far, there is no substitute for topping up your levels of glycol anti-freeze.

Carrying out such checks can save the need to spend time and money reinvesting in replacement equipment and should be adopted on a regular basis.

Please see the table shown below for an indication of the levels of glycol required for protection to different ambient temperatures. Please note that these are generally accepted limits designed to be used as a guide only. For confirmation you should contact your glycol anti-freeze supplier.