Wins in the sustainable energy fight


Being environmentally conscious is at the heart of Transtherm.  This is why we are eagerly anticipating the signing of a new global climate change agreement at the World Climate Summit this year.

The Summit, which starts on 30th November in Paris is a fantastic opportunity to learn, collaborate and agree on innovative solutions to climate change.  It’s good news for creating a greener world for current and future generations.

What’s interesting this time round, is that whilst Co2 emissions need to be cut to prevent the world from warming up, it’s increasingly stemming from a desire to be ‘cool’! All our surfing the web looking at cat videos and googling our next holiday means energy consumption is increasing rapidly. Combine that with developing countries buying into AC more and more, and huge data centres requiring cool temperatures in order for their servers to function smoothly – and you have a situation where cooling down our daily life is warming up the planet!

There are wins to be had though in this energy fight! We’ve been working with data centres both in the UK and internationally, providing equipment which helps them take a holistic approach to sustainability. Our cooling systems come with integrated PLCs and bespoke design thanks to climactic modelling data from the Met Office, and are at the forefront of technological developments. This means that intelligent pumps and fans are increasingly contributing to curbing carbon emissions. Progress that we are very proud of, and evidence that massive energy savings can be made in the cooling industry!

So whilst energy consumption is at a high right now, our products are making cooling smart for long term sustainability.